Wednesday, August 22, 2007


 (Flash Fiction)

Driving recklessly when he reached home, he was totally relaxed. This fast music really worked wonders. Dropping the family at the airport and waving them off for he heaved a sigh of freedom. He adored his wife and only kid, but the feeling of being alone was.. awesome.

Tapping everything, which came his way he was enjoying the peace. He was smelling, gulping and inhaling…freedom. Roaming around in his briefs he was a free bird. The ding-dong sound of the bell he didn’t like a bit, wrapping a towel around he reluctantly opened the door. Their maid was standing.  

‘Madam told me to cook for you in the evenings,’ taking her shawl off she went to kitchen. 

Not bad!! Not bad at all!!! After few drinks, his gaze was following her every moment. The cleavage, her swaying hips and ebony color, she was a treat to his eyes.  Why did he miss her all these days? With clinking sound of cubes in the glass, his imaginations started becoming wild and colorful. 

‘Don’t sweat, we will order something from outside,’ encircling her waist with his arms he whispered in her ears. Taken aback she turned but it was too late. The beast was at loose now. The kill was over and he was sane again.


His only child, he adored her. That day he came home early, and went to her room to play with her. She was there holding a small one-year baby in her arms, and eating a biscuit, one bite she and one bite baby. Amongst the Paper boats and planes they were sitting and some torn pages of a journal were floating in the room. He was mad, snatched the dirty baby out of her hands, he slapped the little one shouting.. 

‘Are you mad, these dirty people can kill you with their infections. Maya ! Maya!! Can’t you see Angel playing with this dirt?’ Wife came and took the frightened girl to her room. The little one was crying when she entered and picked her up calmly, threw a sarcastic glance to her master and showed the right cheek to him, where amidst the mark of fingers, a small black mole was sobbing.

‘Now you know and now it won’t let you sleep’ laughing bitterly she held her in her arms and left. 

Stunned he looked in the mirror, black mole on right cheek was laughing and pages of a journal were fluttering in the room in running AC. 

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