Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Life is never that so called bed of roses, if you get even one night on that provable bed than I am sure you had really worked hard towards it. Relations are fragile, if you tend them with care they take care of you in process. Men and women are definitely from different planets; so two aliens making a life together do pose some threats and some comic situations in a lifetime together.

Here are few things which you must know if you are not married and you may already know if you are!

The only thing men want is never to grow:(
Rest is all tantrums thrown to get what they want:))

· One fine night when you wake up shivering and see him wrapping your side of the blanket, his side dangling down the bed, you are right; instead of pulling his side he conveniently pulled yours and is sleeping blissfully.

· In the middle of the night he wakes you up and asks for a glass of water. So what if you were in a deep sleep?

· No wonder you come running when you hear him shouting from the bathroom, asking for towel. No matter how many times you tell him to take when going for bath, he will always forget.

· After a hectic morning when you start setting the house in order don’t be surprised to see his underwear and wet towel either on bed or floor. Mind it; it will remain same even after warnings and agitations from your side.:

· Send him to get vegetables; and find cucumbers, onions, carrots, lemon and radish….nothing to cook only salad for the dinner, but how many times?

· You are in mood of watching a film in theater? Either you need a persistent will power or you simply have to forget that after few trails. He will always say –No, he is not interested in movies but watch five movies in a go on television!

· Look at his face when he is admiring the eggplant curry at friend’s place, as if he is in total bliss and now try to make the same at your home; if looks could kill you are dead for sure!

· He will take hours to read the newspaper either in bathroom or in bedroom and when you talk about an interesting news clip on the main page he will look surprised. Where? How did I miss it?

· You come out all decked up and flash you million dollar smile, he will look at watch and push you towards car without noticing what you are wearing or how you are looking! But…but he will always admire that female who was wearing the backless choli or saree below the navel!

· If you are wary of fights then please keep silence, he loves that, and as it is he never listens what you are talking.

· If he is in real fighting mood your whole family is included in that fight, you are right we too include his family but we are restricted to only one member but he involves all, virtually I mean!

· And if he loves singing, then you are going to have it, you will keep running to shut windows and doors so that neighbors sleep in peace.

· Moods play a vital role; only for him. You have to sulk when he is sad, and you have to smile when he is happy.

· You are not well, so want to avoid cooking, he will lecture on the harmful effects of outside food and compromise on bread omelet, but when you have cooked a full pledged dinner he drags you to the finest joint to enjoy dinner.

· Ask him how many drinks he have had, it is always two, and if he is still drinking then it is always second.

The list is long…..hope you also add some more points which I missed…

At the end of the day when you lie down on the bed, he slowly pulls you towards him and keeping your head on his chest you sleep blissfully…forgetting everything, or in the morning the aroma of leaf tea wakes you up and he hands over a cup of hot steaming tea…life seems perfect..

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Raji U said...

Awww... Loved the last few lines. So true.. Men, you can either live with them or without them.. :):)

Lovely post..
All the best for the contest..