Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rupturing the meek emotionsIn millions of tiny eons
Your kiss evoked the temptation of touch
Like a cloud burst on my senses and
Touching you became the deepest urge
Layers of folded fragrances
Engulfed the bodily
The stark opposites of She and He
Floated like pregnant rainbow
Splashed fireworks of colors
And formed a mirage
Liquidating into we
Hidden in the deepest region of your chest
Half closed eyes and heavy breath
Sighed my soul in rest‘I love you’ asked you
'Do you?'
Snowflakes falling and brightening things
Buds opening under the starlit nights
A dove flattering her wings
Next to a bush of jasmine
Dreamily I looked at you
Touching your cheeks with my lips
Whispered in your ears
'Yes I do'

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