Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Some very ordinary moments which cling to memory and lighten the darker moods instantly, are safe and secure in the vicinity of heart and mind. How beautifully and with perfection our mind takes the exposed snap shots and works with them in the dark studios of mind and produces a picture so perfect and live. No one can rob us from this precious treasure, nothing can give us elation of this kind and nowhere we can find such accurate details of our small happiest moments except in our memory shots.

I often wonder why we share our intimate details in blogs or any other public site. Why we write our fictions with so much of intensity? Why our fictions seize the imaginary element and instead start turning the pages of reality. So much so that sometimes even the writer gasps at the striking resemblance, of real life incidents, in that so called fiction. We usually smile and become non committal and shrug with the kind of ‘Just a word play’ expression. But playing with words are not so easy. It takes your breath away, it shatters you, and it makes you sad and happy in the same state of mind frames, it even snatches the reasoning and you start feeling jealous! Weird!! Jealousy of sharing the most important and valuable moment with faceless people but at the same time a security and assurance that you are amongst the ones who are like you at many points and can relate with you many times. The moments slips word by word from our hands but it is just like you immerse a divine idol after worshipping for many days, in the water. Is that moment lost? No, it stays in the time frame for ever, but like a huge art gallery where the masterpieces are on display with the painter’s name written on one side in small words. Your masterpieces find a place in gallery of hearts and live many times in other’s eyes. The secrets, pleasures, sins and confessions become shared responsibility instead of bearing a cross alone.

A hug devoid of any sin, a kiss that erupted in a spur of emotional outburst and spread like a cloud on the existence always lingers on memory and any time it can be pulled and re lived. Just closing the eyes and savoring the taste and even the sensation can be felt at any moment. Marvelous ways of mind to cheer the senses! Usually a writer values the time spent with a special person and subconsciously pours the feeling into his/ her writings. This might be the way to preserve the moment for ever? Or simply an incredible force to tell the world about the ecstasy and see the reaction from different set of readers?

These frozen moments are rare and can be cherished anytime. Everyone has his/her own way to capture those times and re-live. For a mother it maybe her child, for a teenager it might be her lover or parent or sibling, and so on. Relations wear off but the memories keep on thriving and multiplying.


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